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Global Polyurethane Condom Market to Grow at a CAGR of 5.90 % During...
Report forecast the global polyurethane condom market to grow at a CAGR of 5.90 % during the period 2016-2020. Polyurethane condoms were announced into Europe and the US in the early 1990s, in response to an apparent need for a latex alternative solution for the condom market.
Publ.Date : Fri, 09 Dec 2016 02:27:19 GMT
Sexual Health questions included in the Health Behaviour in...
... Finland and Norway. The HBSC study is now undertaken every four years in over 40 countries and regions across Europe and North America and has expanded to cover a wide range of indicators including health behaviours, risk behaviours and wellbeing [ ...
Publ.Date : Mon, 05 Dec 2016 00:00:00 GMT
Activists Demand PreP, Intersex Inclusion at LGBTI World Conference
... more than 1,100 member organizations from six different world-regions including the Pan Africa ILGA, ILGA-Asia, ILGA-Europe, ILGA-LAC (which includes Latin America and the Caribbean), ILGA North-America and ILGA-Oceania (which incorporates ...
Publ.Date : Sat, 03 Dec 2016 12:03:04 GMT
World AIDS Day
... Central Africa and among homosexual and bisexual men in certain urban areas of the Americas, Australasia, and Western Europe. In addition to sexual contact, AIDS has been spread by intravenous drug users sharing infected hypodermic needles. The ...
Publ.Date : Thu, 01 Dec 2016 16:04:51 GMT
First case of sexually transmitted Zika in the UK: Woman became...
... now seem to be unjustified. 'We would by now be seeing large sexual transmission chains in North America and Europe if that were the case, and it simply hasn't happened. 'Nevertheless, travellers should not be complacent about the risks to ...
Publ.Date : Wed, 30 Nov 2016 23:30:32 GMT
Text young Kenyan women about sex to boost HIV testing: experts
... humanitarian news, women's rights, trafficking, corruption and climate change. Visit FRANKFURT SAP, Europe's most highly valued technology company, is confident in its outlook both in the short and longer term and sees no obstacle to ...
Publ.Date : Wed, 30 Nov 2016 15:24:51 GMT
New HIV cases down in Israel
... 148 four years before. Even though Israel's rate of HIV carriers among homosexuals is lower than in most of Western Europe and after years of ministry interventions to prevent infection, the health authorities decided in 2013 to jointly launch with ...
Publ.Date : Tue, 29 Nov 2016 23:58:54 GMT
14 things hardly any woman knows about her period
... be spent on shark week. 4. Girls are starting their periods younger and younger Studies in the United States and Europe show that puberty is making an earlier appearance for girls now than it did ten years ago. 5. Synchronizing periods with your ...
Publ.Date : Tue, 29 Nov 2016 13:43:20 GMT
Charity calls for morning-after pill to be available at pharmacies...
According to the British Pregnancy Advisory Service , the emergency contraceptive pill should be made available without an "unnecessary and embarrassing" consultation. Women in the UK can pay as much as A 30 for the birth-control tablet - up to five times more than women in Europe pay.
Publ.Date : Tue, 29 Nov 2016 03:05:58 GMT
Think on these things... - Columns
A hundred years ago, there were the early stirrings of the women's rights movements in the United States of America and Europe. They were very necessary then as there was a great amount of oppression of women.
Publ.Date : Thu, 24 Nov 2016 08:01:00 GMT